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3 options available to make you sound great in the mix. Every job has different needs. To get the most out of your mix, we recommend STEM MASTERING as it gives us the most control over the different elements and ultimately provides the most professional sound.

Stereo Mastering

One stereo track, pushed to the limit, getting the most out of what you have made.

Stem Mastering

Similar to Stereo mastering but we can work with each sound group (Drums,Bass,Synths,Reverb) independently to push your mix a little further.

Multi Track Mixing

Get your studio recordings ready for release with the ultimate in mixing and mastering.

About Danny

Daniel Wyatt, World class mastering engineer and founder and teacher at MixMasterWyatt Academy working together with his most skilled graduates to make your next tracks sound epic.

Pricing Options

3 options are available to you for the most cost effective and most powerful mix is avilable to you at all time for the most amazing prices with pro industry standard quality you will really stand out from the crowd

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